Hyuk-Ro Park

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Texture is an important visual feature for image analysis. Many approaches have been proposed to model and analyze texture features. Although these approaches significantly contribute to various image-based applications, most of these methods are sensitive to the changes in the scale and orientation of the texture pattern. Because textures vary in scale and(More)
Text data has always accounted for a major portion of the world’s information. As the volume of information increases exponentially, the portion of text data also increases significantly. Text classification is therefore still an important area of research. LDA is an updated, probabilistic model which has been used in many applications in many other fields.(More)
Detecting unaffected races is important for debugging MPI parallel programs, because unaffected races can cause the occurrence of affected races which do not need to be debugged. However, the previous techniques can not discern unaffected races from affected races so that programmers will be easily overwhelmed by the vast information of race detection. In(More)
Face detection and recognition have become more and more popular, especially in the era of hand-held devices. As a result, many algorithms have been developed to process face images. However, many of those also have problems with uneven illumination effects, because images have been captured under various lighting conditions. In this paper, we introduce a(More)
As parallel programs become larger and more complex, it is harder to understand and debug parallel programs. If those programs have race conditions, intended or otherwise, it is more difficult to understand and debug. Visualization is widely accepted as a powerful technique to understand and manage the complexity of parallel programs as well as to detect(More)
Texture is a necessary visual feature for image analysis. Many approaches have been proposed to model and analyze texture feature. Generally, researches try to use statistics results on visual features at different scales along various orientations in spatial or frequency domain as texture feature. These features are later compared without considering the(More)
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