Hyuk Kim

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Telomerase maintains telomere structures and chromosome stability, and it is essential for preserving the characteristics of stem and progenitor cells. In the brain, the hippocampus and the olfactory bulbs are continuously supplied with neural stem and progenitor cells that are required for adult neurogenesis throughout the life. Therefore, we examined(More)
The mechanisms of 12(S)-hydroperoxyeicosa-5Z,8Z,10E,14Z-tetraenoic acid (12(S)-HPETE)-induced scratching were studied in ICR mice. In a recent paper, we demonstrated that the 12(S)-HPETE-induced scratching was reduced not by U75302 (BLT(1) receptor antagonist), but by LY255283 (BLT(2) receptor antagonist). In the present study, we tested various compounds(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether wild ginseng (WG) administration could attenuate anxiety- and depression-like behaviors and expression of corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF) and neuropeptide Y (NPY) following withdrawal from repeated morphine administration in rats. Male rats were administered daily doses of WG (50, 100, or 200 mg/kg,(More)
Mast cells are critical for various allergic disorders. Mast cells express Src family kinases, which relay positive and negative regulatory signals by Ag. Lyn, for example, initiates activating signaling events, but it also induces inhibitory signals. Fyn and Hck are reported to be positive regulators, but little is known about the roles of other Src(More)
The application of power gating circuits to semicustom design based on standard-cell elements is limited due to the requirement of customizing cells that are tailored for power gating or the requirement of customizing physical design methodologies for placement and power network. We propose a new power network architecture that enables use of conventional(More)
Sphingosylphosphorylcholine (SPC) is upregulated in the stratum corneum of atopic dermatitis patients by sphingomyelin deacylase. We conducted an investigation, both to confirm that intradermal injection of SPC elicits scratching in mice, and to elucidate the detailed mechanism of the SPC-induced itch-scratch response. Intradermal administration of SPC(More)
The itch-associated responses evoked by intradermal injection of 12(S)-HPETE and leukotriene B4 were compared in ICR-mice. 12(S)-HPETE and leukotriene B4 (0.01-0.2 nmol/site) induced scratching of the injected site, respectively; the dose-responses were a peak at 0.05 nmol/site (12(S)-HPETE) or 0.03 nmol/site (leukotriene B4). The scratching response by(More)
IL-10-producing B (Breg) cells regulate various immune responses. However, their phenotype remains unclear. CD40 expression was significantly increased in B cells by LPS, and the Breg cells were also enriched in CD40(hi)CD5(+) B cells. Furthermore, CD40 expression on Breg cells was increased by IL-10, CD40 ligand, and B cell-activating factor, suggesting(More)