Hyuk Joong Choi

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Subperiosteal hematoma arises usually after blunt trauma to the bone. It is due to disinsertion or rupture of a muscle tendon or injury of nutrient artery of bone. Subperiosteal hematoma is a rare condition and develops mainly in the orbit because the periosteum is more loosely attached to the bone. Thus, few cases of subperiosteal hematoma in iliac bone(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated which factors are associated with successful paediatric endotracheal intubation (ETI) on the first attempt in emergency department (EDs) from multicentre emergency airway registry data. METHODS We created a multicentre registry of intubations at 13 EDs and performed surveillance over 5 years. Each intubator filled out a data(More)
We developed a new type of mobile teleradiology system using an ultramobile PC (UMPC) for web-based remote viewing over a wireless network. We assessed the diagnostic performance of this system for abdominal CT interpretation. Performance was compared with an emergency department clinical monitor using a DICOM viewer. A total of 100 abdominal CT(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE This study aimed to determine the factors associated with successful endotracheal intubation (ETI) on the first-attempt in an emergency department. METHOD We studied all of the ETI data at two urban emergency departments over a 5-year period. We assessed the intubator's specialty and training level, intubation method, device used,(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to identify the factors associated with successful second and third attempts in adults following a failed first intubation attempt in the emergency department (ED). METHODS This was a retrospective analysis of the data from a multicenter, prospective, observational airway registry in South Korea. We obtained demographic(More)
We assessed the feasibility of using a camcorder mobile phone for teleconsulting about cardiac echocardiography. The diagnostic performance of evaluating left ventricle (LV) systolic function was measured by three emergency medicine physicians. A total of 138 short echocardiography video sequences (from 70 subjects) was selected from previous emergency room(More)
We examined the potential of the iPad 2 as a teleradiologic tool for evaluating brain computed tomography (CT) with subtle hemorrhage in the conventional lighting conditions which are common situations in the remote CT reading. The comparison of the clinician’s performance was undertaken through detecting hemorrhage by the iPad 2 and the clinical liquid(More)
Our aim was to prove the feasibility of the remote interpretation of real-time transmitted ultrasound videos of dynamic and static organs using a smartphone with control of the image quality given a limited internet connection speed. For this study, 100 cases of echocardiography videos (dynamic organ)—50 with an ejection fraction (EF) of ≥50 s and 50 with(More)
We aimed to evaluate the feasibility of an iPhone-based remote control system as a real-time remote computed tomography (CT) reading tool for suspected appendicitis using a third-generation (3G) network under suboptimal illumination. One hundred twenty abdominal CT scans were selected; 60 had no signs of appendicitis, whereas the remaining 60 had signs of(More)
PURPOSE We investigated the effectiveness of tele-mentored ultrasonography between emergency medicine (EM) residents and remote experts in diagnosing acute appendicitis. METHODS This prospective observational study was performed in an academic emergency department. Beginning in June 2014, the EM residents performed the initial ultrasonography for(More)