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Erythroid differentiation regulator 1 (ERDR1), which is a stress-related survival factor, exhibits anti-cancer effects against melanoma. However, the function of ERDR1 on immune cells has not been examined. We investigated whether ERDR1 regulates the cytotoxic ability of human natural killer (NK) cells, which are known as innate effector lymphocytes. In(More)
We report fuel generation systems for molecular motors based on pyruvate kinase, or for the first time, mitochondria, implemented within microfluidic devices. Intact organelles acted as bio-nanopower supplies for molecular motors, using isolated mitochondria to convert chemical energy from succinate to ATP, harnessing nature's enzymatic transformation(More)
AIMS Recently, immature adipocyte lineage cells have been suggested as a potential hair-growth stimulator. Diverse studies have been attempted to find methods for the preconditioning of immature adipocyte lineage cells. The present study investigates the effect of conditioned medium (CM) from vitamin D3 (Vd3) pre-activated preadipocytes on hair-growth(More)
We have designed a single photon emitter based on a single quantum dot embedded within a single mode parabolic solid immersion lens (pSIL) and a capping low-index pSIL. Numerical simulations predicted that the emitter performance should exhibit a high photon collection efficiency with excellent far-field emission properties, broadband operation, and good(More)
Human pose analysis has been known to be an effective means to evaluate athlete's performance. Marker-less 3D human pose estimation is one of the most practical methods to acquire human pose but lacks sufficient accuracy required to achieve precise performance analysis for sports. In this paper, we propose a human pose estimation algorithm that utilizes(More)
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