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Using long-distance lateral devices, spin transport near the interface of Si and its native oxide (SiO(2)) is studied by spin-valve measurements in an in-plane magnetic field and spin precession measurements in a perpendicular magnetic field at 60 K. As electrons are attracted to the interface by an electrostatic gate, we observe shorter average spin(More)
Deep ultraviolet time-resolved photoluminescence ͑PL͒ spectroscopy has been employed to study Zn-doped AlN epilayers grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition. The PL spectra of Zn-doped AlN epilayer exhibited two impurity emission lines at 5.40 and 4.50 eV, which were absent in undoped epilayers and assigned to the transitions of free electrons and(More)
We describe a circuit that acts as an auto-incrementing delay. The circuit allows the user to adjust the total number of delays in a cycle, the incremental delay value, and the amount of time that is spent at each delay step. The circuit is stand-alone, yet is readily interfaced to data acquisition systems. Depending on the delay chip used and the number of(More)
We explore 2-color photoassociative ionization in cold Rb vapor and present experimental evidence that the molecular ions are produced from the stepwise excitation of a ladder of molecular states. We also explore a new process, dubbed photoassociative-dissociative ionization, by which atomic ions are created by excitation through a ladder of molecular(More)
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