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AIM To compare the efficacy of acupuncture needling and 0.5% lidocaine injection of trigger points in myofascial pain syndrome of elderly patients. METHODS Thirty nine participants with myofascial pain syndrome of one or both upper trapezius muscles were randomised to treatment with either acupuncture needling (n=18) or 0.5% lidocaine injection (n=21) at(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the efficacies of dry needling of trigger points (TrPs) with and without paraspinal needling in myofascial pain syndrome of elderly patients. DESIGN Single-blinded, randomized controlled trial. SUBJECTS Forty (40) subjects, between the ages of 63 and 90 with myofascial pain syndrome of the upper trapezius muscle. INTERVENTIONS(More)
There is much ambiguity regarding the term "nursing home" in the international literature. The definition of a nursing home and the type of assistance provided in a nursing home is quite varied by country. The International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics and AMDA foundation developed a survey to assist with an international consensus on the(More)
BACKGROUND Prescribing potentially harmful drugs and omitting essential drugs to older patients is a common problem because they take so many medications. In this study, our goal was to identify potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs) and potential prescribing omissions (PPOs) using Screening Tool of Older Persons' potentially inappropriate(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate whether smoking and the smoking status are predictors of the incident impaired fasting glucose (IFG) or type 2 diabetes in Korean men. METHODS A cohort of 1,717 Korean men without IFG or diabetes, who underwent annual periodic health examinations for 4 years (2002-2006), were retrospectively investigated. IFG and diabetes were(More)
1. Yourman LC, Lee SJ, Schonberg MA, Widera EW, Smith AK. Prognostic indices for older adults: a systematic review. JAMA. 2012;307(2):182-192. 2. Gabbay E, Calvo-Broce J, Meyer KB, Trikalinos TA, Cohen J, Kent DM. The empirical basis for determinations of medical futility. J Gen Intern Med. 2010; 25(10):1083-1089. 3. Schneiderman LJ, Jecker NS, Jonsen AR.(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the efficacies of an intramuscular stimulation technique and 0.5% lidocaine injection to trigger points in myofascial pain syndrome. PARTICIPANTS Forty-three people with myofascial pain syndrome of the upper trapezius muscle. INTERVENTIONS Twenty-two subjects were treated with intramuscular stimulation and another 21 with 0.5%(More)
BACKGROUND Although many Koreans travel each year to countries where malaria is present, few data are available on the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Koreans with regards to malaria. METHODS The study was conducted in the departure lounge of Incheon International Airport in May 2006. A 22-item questionnaire was administered to Korean travelers(More)
In virtual Compton scattering an electron is scattered off a nucleon such that the nucleon emits a photon. We show that these events can be selected experimentally, and present the first evidence for virtual Compton scattering from the proton in data obtained at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. The angular and energy dependence of the data is well(More)