Hyuk-Chul Kwon

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We have established a preprocessing method for determining the meaningfulness of a table to allow for information extraction from tables on the Internet. A table offers a preeminent clue in text mining because it contains meaningful data displayed in rows and columns. However, tables are used on the Internet for both knowledge structuring and document(More)
This paper presents a task model and task ontology based on travelers’ tasks, and an intelligent tourist information service system using them. With the recent advances in Internet and mobile technologies, there has been an increase in the use of intelligent tourist information services via the Web and mobile systems. In addition, many ontologies have been(More)
The EPCglobal Network is a network providing a shared view of the disposition of EPC-bearing objects between EPCglobal subscribers, within a relevant business context. In the EPCglobal Network, product data is distributed to several EPCISes(EPC Information Services) via movement of the product. The ONS (Object Naming Service) and the EPCISDS (EPCIS(More)
Songs feel emotionally different to listeners depending on their lyrical contents, even when melodies are similar. Accordingly, when using features related to melody, like tempo, rhythm, tune, and musical note, it is difficult to classify emotions accurately through the existing music emotion classification methods. This paper therefore proposes a method(More)
Transliteration of Arabic numerals is not easily resolved. Arabic numerals occur frequently in scientific and informative texts and deliver significant meanings. Since readings of Arabic numerals depend largely on their context, generating accurate pronunciation of Arabic numerals is one of the critical criteria in evaluating TTS systems. In this paper, (1)(More)
For the implementation of the prosody prediction model, large scale annotated speech corpora have been widely applied. Reliability among transcribers, however, was too low for successful learning of an automatic prosodic prediction. This paper reveals our observations on performance deterioration of the learning model due to inconsistent tagging of prosodic(More)
This paper presents an automatic mapping method among large-scale heterogeneous language resources: Sejong Semantic Classes (SJSC) and KorLex. KorLex is a large-scale Korean WordNet, but it lacks specific syntactic & semantic information. Sejong Electronic Dictionary (SJD), of which semantic segmentation depends on SJSC, has much lower lexical coverage than(More)
We developed Cyber Forensics Ontology for the criminal investigation in cyber space. Cyber crime is classified into cyber terror and general cyber crime, and those two classes are connected with each other. The investigation of cyber terror requires high technology, system environment and experts, and general cyber crime is connected with general crime by(More)