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This letter proposes a new asymmetric watermarking system. In the proposed system, a linear transformation A is applied to the primitive key u to form the private encoding key Au and the public decoding key A/sup -t/u, where -t denotes inverse transpose. The transformation mostly cancels out when the decoding key is correlated to watermarked signal(More)
In this letter, we propose a new asymmetric watermarking system which can accommodate many embedding watermarks but needs only one reference watermark for detection. Such a system is useful in averting attacks that seek to estimate the embedding watermark. In the proposed system, the phase of the reference watermark is shifted randomly (clockwise or(More)
This paper presents a blind digital video watermarking scheme, which is especially robust to camcorder recording attacks and also to a variety of common video processing and geometric distortions. Using the fact that nearby frames of a video sequence are quite similar, the method embeds the watermark by temporal modulation of the frames. The watermark(More)
the number of electronic components in the car increases, the requirement for the higher data transmission scheme among them is on the sharp rise. Controller area network (CAN) has been widely adopted to support the in-car communications needs but the data rate is far below what other schemes such as Ethernet and optical fibers can offer. A new scheme for(More)
Pre-operative diagnosis of chest-wall deformity is important for successful surgical correction and post-operative evaluation of funnel chest patients. However, conventional indices that define the severity of deformity have several limitations; manually calculated and cannot supply information about asymmetry. We developed four indices that can represent(More)