Hyuek Jae Lee

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This letter discusses an experimental demonstration of a rapidly switching all-optical packet routing system with optical-label switching and all-optical label-swapping capabilities. The optical routing system optically extracts the subcarrier optical-label content, compares it against the forwarding table, makes packet forwarding and label-swapping(More)
This letter proposes and demonstrates a simple all-optical label detection and swapping technique incorporating a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) filter and a double sideband subcarrier multiplexed (DSB-SCM) signal. The optical datagram consisting of a baseband 2.488-Gb/s data payload and a subcarrier multiplexed 622-Mb/s label are optically processed to separate(More)
The growth of aerobic bacteria on Korean seasoned soybean sprouts was modelled as a function of temperature to estimate microbial spoilage and shelf life on a real-time basis under dynamic storage conditions. Counts of aerobic bacteria on seasoned soybean sprouts stored at constant temperatures between 0 degrees C and 15 degrees C were recorded. The(More)
Abstract: This paper proposes and demonstrates a novel all-optical return-to-zero (RZ) to nonreturn-to-zero (NRZ) data format conversion using a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) loop mirror. 10 Gb/s error-free fiber transmission up to 78 km for the converted NRZ format data is achieved. Further, the proposed method shows improved transmission(More)
A novel all-optical wavelength converter based on the transverse-magnetic (TM)-mode absorption modulation of a Fabry–Pérot laser diode (FP-LD) is proposed and demonstrated. An FP-LD shows absorption nulls for TM mode probe beam, which are red-shifted by an additional optical pump injection. Using this, the transmission of the continuous-wave probe beam can(More)
We demonstrate the operation of a novel all-optical flip-flop. The flip-flop consists of a slave Fabry-Perot laser diode (FP-LD) and a specially designed master FP-LD which has a built-in external cavity and operates in single longitudinal mode oscillation. The set and reset pulses were generated by external modulators at 1 Gbit/s. The rising and falling(More)
We propose and demonstrate nonreturn-to-zero (NRZ) to pseudoreturn-to-zero (PRZ) data format conversion at 10 Gb/s based on transverse-magnetic (TM) mode absorption and self-phase modulation (SPM) in a Fabry–Pérot laser diode (FP-LD). An FP-LD has absorption nulls for TM mode injected beam and the beam having NRZ data experiences SPM, which induces a(More)
This paper discusses optical-label switching and an experimental demonstration of high-speed all-optical packet switching with all-optical label-swapping capabilities. The subcarrier optical-label content was optically extracted and compared against the forwarding table, which induced packet forwarding as well as label-swapping decisions. The alloptical(More)