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Modern implementations of DBMS software are intended to take advantage of high core counts that are becoming common in high-end servers. However, we have observed that several database platforms, including MySQL, Shore-MT, and a commercial system, exhibit throughput collapse as load increases, even for a workload with little or no logical contention for(More)
Recently, REpresentational State Transfer (REST) has been proposed as an alternative architecture for Web services.In the era of Cloud and Web 2.0, many complex Web service-based systems such as e-Business an de-Government applications have adopted REST. Unfortunately, the REST approach has been applied to few cases in management systems, especially for a(More)
Many proposals for managing replicated data use sites running the Snapshot Isolation (SI) concurrency control mechanism, and provide 1-copy SI or something similar, as the global isolation level. This allows good scalability, since only ww-conflicts need to be managed globally. However, 1-copy SI can lead to data corruption and violation of integrity(More)
To evaluate the effects of myometrial thickening on the outcomes of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET). Four hundred thirteen patients, a total of 551 IVF-ET cycles, were divided into group A (<2.00 cm), group B (2.00–2.49 cm), and group C (≥2.50 cm) based on myometrial thickness. The implantation, clinical pregnancy, and live birth rates(More)
A data-parallel framework is very attractive for large-scale data processing since it enables such an application to easily process a huge amount of data on commodity machines. MapReduce, a popular data-parallel framework, is used in various fields such as web search, data mining and data warehouses; it is proven to be very practical for such a(More)
MapReduce is Google's programming model for easy development of scalable parallel applications which process huge quantity of data on many clusters. Due to its conveniency and efficiency, MapReduce is used in various applications (e.g., Web search services and online analytical processing). However, there are only few good benchmarks to evaluate MapReduce(More)
Intercloud is a federated environment of private clusters and public clouds. The performance of Hadoop could be degraded significantly in intercloud environments. Because previous solutions for intercloud environments rely on speculative execution, they require additional cost in the cloud. In this paper, we propose a new task scheduler that improves(More)
Since 1990's, Snapshot Isolation (SI) has been widely studied, and it was successfully deployed in commercial and open-source database engines. Berenson et al. showed that data consistency can be violated under SI. Recently, a new class of Serializable SI algorithms (SSI) has been proposed to achieve serializable execution while still allowing concurrency(More)