Hyoyoung Kim

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Obesity represents a major global public health problem that increases the risk for cardiovascular or metabolic disease. The pigs represent an exceptional biomedical model related to energy metabolism and obesity in humans. To pinpoint causal genetic factors for a common form of obesity, we conducted local genomic de novo sequencing, 18.2 Mb, of a porcine(More)
Researches on text visualization have been extensively carried out with the development of the computer, the rise of open data based on Open API, and the commodification of visualization tools. Also, text visualization has led to the convergence of different fields, such as science, art, liberal arts, and sociology. Text visualization has a wide range of(More)
Little evidence supports the existence of imprinted genes in chicken. Imprinted genes are thought to be intimately connected with the acquisition of parental resources in mammals; thus, the predicted lack of this type of gene in chicken is not surprising, given that they leave their offspring to their own heritance after conception. In this study, we(More)
Aesthetic data visualization, which looks at complex data sets from an ingenious perspective, is difficult to empirically organize due to its insufficient records. Fortunately, insightful artists and curators have recently provided some notable interdisciplinary exhibitions and publications. This author was a recent participant at such an event; however, it(More)
Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have been emerging out of the efforts to research human diseases and ethnic disparities. A semantic network is needed for in-depth understanding of the impacts of SNPs, because phenotypes are modulated by complex networks, including biochemical and physiological pathways. We identified ethnicity-specific SNPs by(More)
Readability Visualization-Readability is the ease in which text can be read and understood and it directly affects difficulty of a book.-The longer words, sentences and paragraphs have less readability. For the expression, we converted each character to a visible point of which the brightness decreases gradually during reading process.-If the sentence has(More)