Hyoyoung Kim

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This paper introduces a coloring application for dual-sided transparent surfaces. It extends the traditional coloring experience with see-through display technology and dual-sided interaction techniques that enable a playful user experience. Twosome Coloring allows two users to interact with a see-through color picker and twosome interaction techniques on(More)
BACKGROUND Zea mays L. (Z. mays) has been used for human consumption in the various forms of meal, cooking oil, thickener in sauces and puddings, sweetener in processed food and beverage products, bio-disel. However, especially, in case of husk extract of Z. mays, little is known about its anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, in this study, the(More)
Text visualization begins with understanding text itself which is material of visual expression. To visualize any text data, sufficient understanding about characteristics of the text first and the expressive approaches can be decided depending on the derived unique characteristics of the text. In this research we aimed to establish theoretical foundation(More)
Aesthetic data visualization, which looks at complex data sets from an ingenious perspective, is difficult to empirically organize due to its insufficient records. Fortunately, insightful artists and curators have recently provided some notable interdisciplinary exhibitions and publications. This author was a recent participant at such an event; however, it(More)
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