Hyoyoung Jang

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– In this paper, we describe the " Soft Remote Control System " that provides easy control of home installed appliances to improve the inhabitant's comfort. This system is feasible to control various home appliances naturally by recognizing the user's hand gestures in the " Intelligent Sweet Home. " The user selects the device that he/her wants to control(More)
– This paper describes a human-friendly interface based on hand gesture. Using two USB pan-tilt cameras, this system enables the user to operate home appliances with hand pointing and ten hand motions free from the user's position. The main contribution of the system lies in its user-friendly initialization methods including interaction between the user and(More)
Friendly interaction between human beings and robotic systems is vital in designing human centered service robots. Among several interaction technologies, intention reading of the user plays an important role for the human centered systems. In this paper, we focus on the aspect of intention reading in service robotic systems, and soft computing techniques(More)
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