Hyouta Ishida

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The jump is always used for locomotion. For its execution in arboreal and terrestrial biotopes the requirements are of somewhat different nature. In an arboreal biotope the jump is characterized by a rapid progression through discontinuous substrates and the ability to take off from a small area and a secure landing on a spot. This requires well coordinated(More)
The doppler color flow imaging method was employed to detect the vesicoureteral reflux. The ultrasound examination was performed by using the doppler color flow imaging system. Ultrasonic sector scan was carried out by the use of the 3.75 MHz phased array and/or conbex array transducer with a transabdominal approach. The flow in the bladder from the(More)
Thirty-four populations from Siberian and other circum-Pacific regions were compared in terms of facial flatness measurements of the cranium. While fundamentally having an extremely flat face, Siberian populations tend to be differentiated into two or three subgroups. On the other hand, other Mongoloid populations show greater variation in facial flatness.(More)
We present a case with an unusual fracture. A 28-year-old man presented a painful and swollen left elbow after falling down. Radiographs revealed combined fractures in the capitellum and the radial head associated with a medial capsular avulsion. Two osteochondral fragments from the capitellum were found at the operation. One was the free fragment revealed(More)
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