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In high-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, B₀ fields of 7 and 9.4 T, the RF field shows greater inhomogeneity compared to clinical MRI systems with B₀ fields of 1.5 and 3.0 T. In multichannel RF coils, the magnitude and phase of the input to each coil element can be controlled independently to reduce the nonuniformity of the RF field. The(More)
This paper presents a multiband conformal antenna for implantable as well as ingestible devices. The proposed antenna has the following three bands: medical implanted communication service (MICS: 402–405 MHz), the midfield band (1.45–1.6 GHz), and the industrial, scientific, and medical band (ISM: 2.4–2.45 GHz) for telemetry or wireless(More)
This paper analyzes open dielectric waveguides using the vector finite-element method and boundary integral equations derived from the second Green's theorem. This finite-element formulation, together with the boundary operator, is solved using a penalty function method. Comparison with previously published results shows good agreement for the analysis of(More)
Multi-element volume radio-frequency (RF) coils are an integral aspect of the growing field of high-field magnetic resonance imaging. In these systems, a popular volume coil of choice has become the transverse electromagnetic (TEM) transceiver coil consisting of microstrip resonators. In this paper, to further advance this design approach, a new microstrip(More)
The vector finite-element method in the interior and the boundary integral equation of the exterior domain are investigated in order to analyze open dielectric waveguides. Boundary conditions are obtained by applying the continuity of the magnetic and electric fields at the surface of the waveguide. Since both the finite-element method and boundary integral(More)
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