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When a table containing individual data is published, disclosure of sensitive information should be prohibitive. A naive approach for the problem is to remove identifiers such as name and social security number. However, linking attacks which joins the published table with other tables on some attributes, called quasi-identifier, may reveal the sensitive(More)
With the widespread of the internet, text-based data sources have become ubiquitous and the demand of effective support for string matching queries becomes ever increasing. The relational query language SQL also supports LIKE clause over string data to handle substring matching queries. Due to popularity of such substring matching queries, there have been a(More)
In this paper, to reduce the response time of computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) systems, we proposed a feature selection algorithm that utilizes BI-RADS which is the standard clinical considerations for radiologists to illustrate the visual characteristics of breast tumors. We first apply the association rule mining technique to the medical database annotated(More)
Many types of transformations are used to model deformations in medical image registration. While some focus on modeling local changes, some on continuity and invertibility, there is no closed-form nonlinear parametric approach that addresses all these properties. This paper presents a class of nonlinear transformations that are local, continuous and(More)
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