Hyouksoo Han

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We report on rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition growth of silicon nanowires (Si NWs) that contain a high density of gold nanoclusters (Au NCs) with a uniform coverage over the entire length of the nanowire sidewalls. The Au NC-coated Si NWs with an antibody-coated surface obtain the unique capability to capture breast cancer cells at twice the highest(More)
The reported photocurrent density (J(SC)) of PbS quantum dot (QD)-sensitized solar cell was less than 19 mA/cm(2) despite the capability to generate 38 mA/cm(2), which results from inefficient electron injection and fast charge recombination. Here, we report on a PbS:Hg QD-sensitized solar cell with an unprecedentedly high J(SC) of 30 mA/cm(2). By Hg(2+)(More)
UV irradiation of trans-resveratrol leads to its photochemical transformation to a new, highly fluorescent compound, whose chemical structure was unambiguously identified. The new compound has large values of fluorescence quantum yield, Stokes' shift, and two-photon absorption cross section, which make it suitable for bio-imaging, multi-color labeling, and(More)
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