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The increase in both cellular phone users and Internet surfers implies the explosive expansion in Mobile Internet business. In spite of the aggressive environment in which launch the full-fledged Mobile Internet services, there is limited research on the basic preferences and expectations of the Mobile Internet users. For this reason, a survey research was(More)
Internet TV is a convergent appliance from TV and desktop PC with Internet. Since TV and desktop PC have many different characteristics, so two major questions would be raised. The first question is which one of two media will be the dominant anchor across the three domains of Internet businesses; contents, community, and commerce. The second question is(More)
As e-commerce is growing rapidly, the need for an evaluation model of Internet business is increasing as well. This paper suggests a comprehensive evaluation model for one of the most important e-commerce systems, which is cyber trading system for stocks and bonds. Through an empirical study based on the evaluation model, this research identifies critical(More)
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