Hyoseok Hwang

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The robust perception of robots is strongly needed to handle various objects skillfully. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to recognize objects and estimate their 6-DOF pose using 3D feature descriptors, called Geometric and Photometric Local Feature (GPLF). The proposed descriptors use both the geometric and photometric information of 3D point(More)
Calibration is vital to autostereoscopic 3D displays. This paper proposes a local calibration method that copes with any type of deformation in the optical layer. The proposed method is based on visual pattern analysis. Given the observations, we manage to localize the optical slits by matching the observations to the input pattern. In a principled(More)
In this work, we propose an efficient multiview rendering algorithm that takes uncalibrated stereo as the input. First, the epipolar geometry of multiple viewpoints is analyzed for multiview display. Then, the camera pose for an arbitrarily selected viewpoint is estimated by algebraic approximation. Finally, by exploiting rectification homographies and(More)
This paper presents an appearance based place recognition method using omni-directional images which describe 360° panoramic scene around a camera at one time. We utilize a spectral graph matching method to measure a degree of similarity between omni-directional query and topological node images. This method builds an affinity matrix of a graph whose(More)
Nearly all 3D displays need calibration for correct rendering. More often than not, the optical elements in a 3D display are misaligned from the designed parameter setting. As a result, 3D magic does not perform well as intended. The observed images tend to get distorted. In this paper, we propose a novel display calibration method to fix the situation. In(More)
Feature extraction and matching is one of the most significant research areas in robot vision. In this paper, we present a new method for motion estimation and mapping using color feature extraction and matching. The proposed method reduces computational cost and has good performance. The experimental result shows that the proposed method not only runs(More)
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