Hyonseok Hwang

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In this study, we demonstrate the potentials and pitfalls of using various waterfall plots, such as conventional waterfall plots, two-dimensional (2D) gradient maps, moving window two-dimensional analysis (MW2D), perturbation-correlation moving window two-dimensional analysis (PCMW2D), and moving window principal component analysis two-dimensional(More)
To deal with inhomogeneous diffusion coefficients of ions without altering the lattice spacing in the kinetic lattice grand canonical Monte Carlo (KLGCMC) simulation, an algorithm that incorporates diffusion coefficient variation into move probabilities is proposed and implemented into KLGCMC calculations. Using this algorithm, the KLGCMC simulation method(More)
An algorithm in which kinetic lattice grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations are combined with mean field theory (KLGCMC/MF) is presented to calculate ion currents in a model ion channel system. In this simulation, the relevant region of the system is treated by KLGCMC simulations, while the rest of the system is described by modified Poisson-Boltzmann(More)
Coarse-grained (CG) molecular dynamics (MD) simulations are performed to study the insertion of cyclic peptide nanotubes into cell membranes and to examine whether cyclic peptide nanotubes can function as an ion channel and thereby as an antibacterial agent. To do so, the two coarse-grained (CG) models for lipid molecules and for proteins developed by(More)
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