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Saccharomyces cerevisiae, i.e. baker's yeast, is a widely studied model organism in eukaryote genetics because of its simple protocols for genetic manipulation and phenotype profiling. The high abundance of publicly available data that has been generated through diverse 'omics' approaches has led to the use of yeast for many systems biology studies,(More)
Rice is the most important staple food crop and a model grass for studies of bioenergy crops. We previously published a genome-scale functional network server called RiceNet, constructed by integrating diverse genomics data and demonstrated the use of the network in genetic dissection of rice biotic stress responses and its usefulness for other grass(More)
The ability to enrich cells with targeted mutations greatly facilitates the process of using engineered nucleases, including zinc-finger nucleases and transcription activator-like effector nucleases, to construct such cells. We previously used surrogate reporters to enrich cells containing nuclease-induced mutations via flow cytometry. This method is,(More)
BACKGROUND Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is an important step in the invasion and progression of cancer and in the development of chemoresistance by cancer cells. METHODS To address the clinical significance of the EMT pathway in lung adenocarcinoma and the association of the pathway with histological subtype, we examined 193 surgically resected(More)
High-throughput experimental technologies gradually shift the paradigm of biological research from hypothesis-validation toward hypothesis-generation science. Translating diverse types of large-scale experimental data into testable hypotheses, however, remains a daunting task. We previously demonstrated that heterogeneous genomics data can be integrated(More)
PURPOSE Anterior Polar Cataract (APC) develops by a mechanism different from that of other age-related cataracts, and outside of Korea, it is an extremely rare condition. We investigated the prevalence and epidemiological characteristics of APC in Koreans. METHODS The evaluation on the prevalence of APC in comparison to the other age-related cataracts was(More)
Automatic fusion of aerial optical imagery and untex-tured LiDAR data has been of significant interest for generating photo-realistic 3D urban models in recent years. However, unsupervised, robust registration still remains a challenge. This paper presents a new registration method that does not require priori knowledge such as GPS/INS information. The(More)
Rearrangement of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) gene is the best predictor of response to crizotinib, an ALK tyrosine kinase inhibitor. However, the prevalence of the ALK fusion is low, so accurate patient identification is crucial for successful treatment using ALK inhibitors. Furthermore, most patients with lung cancer present with advanced-stage(More)
Camelina has been highlighted as an emerging oilseed crop. Transgenic Camelina plants overexpressing Arabidopsis MYB96 exhibited drought resistance by activating expression of Camelina wax biosynthetic genes and accumulating wax load. Camelina (Camelina sativa L.) is an oilseed crop in the Brassicaeae family with potential to expand biofuel production to(More)
Adaptive decision making in dynamic social settings requires frequent re-evaluation of choice outcomes and revision of strategies. This requires an array of multiple cognitive abilities, such as working memory and response inhibition. Thus, the disruption of such abilities in schizophrenia can have significant implications for social dysfunctions in(More)