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This paper describes Forst's approach to university entrance examinations at NTCIR-11 QA-Lab Task. Our system consists of two types of modules: dedicated modules for each question format and common modules called by the dedicated modules as necessary. Our system uses Basic Element in order to more exactly grasp and reflect the import of questions. We also(More)
In aging societies such as Japan's, the number of elderly person living alone increases. Since the incidence of disease and injury increases with aging, remotely located family members become anxious about the safety of their elderly parent. The elderly parent is conversely eager for information about the remotely located family. To improve smooth(More)
Japanese university entrance exams have two stages: The National Center Test (multiple choice-type questions) and second-stage examinations (complex questions including terms and essays). We participated in all phases of NTCIR-11 QA Lab-1 and NTCIR-12 QA Lab-2 task's Japanese subtask and our system answered all of the questions. At QA Lab-2 task, we focused(More)
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