Hyochoong Bang

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An adaptive control technique can be applicable to reorient spacecraft with uncertain properties such as mass, inertial and various misalignments. A nonlinear quaternion feedback controller is chosen as a baseline attitude controller. A linearly added adaptive input supported by neural networks to the base-line controller can estimate and eliminate the(More)
Attitude control law design for spacecraft large angle maneuvers is investigated in this paper. The feedback linearization technique is applied to the design of a nonlinear tracking control law. The output function to be tracked is the quaternion attitude parameter. The designed control law turns out to be a combination of attitude and attitude rate(More)
This study suggests a co-evolutionary method for solving pursuit-evasion games with consideration of non-zero lethal radii. The proposed method has three key features. First, it can handle both the final time problem and the miss distance problem simultaneously, by adopting a separated payoff function. Second, the Stackelberg equilibrium instead of the(More)
In this paper, a closed-loop switching function for on-off thruster firings is proposed to provide good attitude control performance in the presence of modeling errors for single-axis slew maneuver of a rigid spacecraft and to eliminate double-sided thruster firings. The size of a single-sided deadband in the switching function provides the capability of a(More)