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Recently, as the serious damage caused by DDoS attacks increases, the rapid detection and the proper response mechanisms are urgent. However, existing security mechanisms do not provide effective defense against these attacks, or the defense capability of some mechanisms is only limited to specific DDoS attacks. It is necessary to analyze the fundamental(More)
This paper is about fermentation environment monitoring system for various wineries, especially winemaking. It is very important to stably maintain the fermentation environment in the winery area for premium winemaking. In this paper, we show how to implement fermentation monitoring node for making premium wines using wireless sensor networks.
In the network system attack like Denial of service (DoS) is forthcoming damaging attack. The performance of online servers degrades within seconds. Intensive computation on the target server is imposed due to this attack. Target Server gets flooded with large useless packets. The fatality server can be forced out of service From a few minutes to even(More)
Luncheon Keynote: The Technology and the Application: The challenges of targeted development. The tremendous success of the Samsung galaxy family of portable devices has sustained the emergency of the OLED displays. The OLED technology allows the arrival of the next generation of displays who become flexible and in a next step should be expected similar to(More)
In WSNs, there have been studies on mobile sink group such as groups of soldiers on battlefields who move together as a single entity. The sinks in the group move randomly within a geographically-restricted region. Although the existing data dissemination protocols can support for mobile sink groups, these protocols suffer from high energy consumption since(More)
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