Hyo Seong Kim

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BACKGROUND The septal cartilage is the most useful donor site for autologous cartilage graft material in rhinoplasty. For successful nasal surgery, it is necessary to understand the developmental process of the nasal septum and to predict the amount of harvestable septal cartilage before surgery. METHODS One hundred twenty-three Korean patients who(More)
BACKGROUND Among all facial fractures, nasal bone fractures are the most common, and they have been reduced by closed reduction (CR) for a long time. But several authors have reported suboptimal results when using CR, and the best method of nasal bone reduction is still being debated. We have found that indirect open reduction (IOR) through an endonasal(More)
The medial wall and floor of the bony orbit are frequently fractured because of the delicate anatomy. To optimize functional and aesthetic results, reconstructive surgeons should understand the anatomy and pathophysiology of orbital fractures. Appropriate treatment involves optimal timing of intervention, proper indications for operative repair, incision(More)
Intramuscular hemangioma is a rare type that has been reported in less than 0.8% of all hemangiomas. In particular, there are few reports of intramuscular hemangioma in the upper extremity. Authors describe the experience of complete excision of the hemangioma of the pronator quadratus muscle of the forearm with good functional recovery.
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