Hyo Jin Moon

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AIM OF THE STUDY Water extract of Geijigajakyak-Tang (GJT) consisting of five crude drugs [dried root of P. lactiflora Peony (Paeoniaceae), dried trunk bark of C. cassia Blume (Lauraceae), seed of Z. jujube var. inermis Mill (Rhamnaceae), fresh root of Z. officinale Rocoe (Zingiberaceae) and dried trunk bark of G. uralensis Fish (Leguminosae)] is a folk(More)
Effects of quercetin inhalation on immediate (IAR), late-phase (LAR) and late late-phase (LLAR) asthmatic responses by exposure to aerosolized-ovalbumin (AOA) (2w/v% in saline, inhalation for 3 min) were studied in conscious guinea-pigs sensitized with AOA. We measured specific airway resistance (sRaw), and recruitment of leukocytes, histamine and protein(More)
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