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Stem cell transplants into spinal cord lesions may help to improve regeneration and spinal cord function. Clinical studies are necessary for transferring preclinical findings from animal experiments to humans. We investigated the transplantation of unmanipulated autologous bone marrow in patients with transversal spinal cord injury (SCI) with respect to(More)
Gold(III) can be separated from Cd, In. Zn, Ni, Cu(II), Mn(II), Co(II), Mg, Ca, Al, Fe(III), Ga and U(VI) by adsorbing these elements on a column of AG50W-X8 sulphonated polystyrene cation-exchange resin from 0.1M HCl containing 60% v v acetone, while Au(III) passes through and can be eluted with the same reagent. Separations are sharp and quantitative. The(More)
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