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We conducted an industrial case study of a distributed team in the USA and the Czech Republic that used Extreme Programming. Our goal was to understand how this globally-distributed team created a successful project in a new problem domain using a methodology that is dependent on informal, face-to-face communication. We collected quantitative and(More)
Lamellae, tufts and cracks were found in the enamel near the dentionenamel junction. When investigated by the scanning electron microscop, lamellae and tufts were very similar to each other as to their structure. Lamellae appeared in two kinds: 1. Organic material originating in the dentionenamel membrane filled the whole space. 2. The space was empty, yet(More)
An accelerated eruption of the right mandibular rat incisor was induced by its repeated, mechanical shortening. Fifteen to seventeen days after beginning of the experiment a disturbance of enamel development occured, manifested by production of white, opaque enamel instead of normally pigmented enamel and by appearance of a redbrownish membrane overlying(More)
In the scanning electron microscope in detailed structure of the dentino-enamel membrane can be investigated. This membrane is mineralized. After partial demineralization it covers the bottom of prism margins and enables their firm anchoring on the surface of dentin. Here the prism bundles are anchored in dishlike formations, on the bottom of which a(More)