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In this paper we discuss several difficulties managing evolving requirements by means of an industrial case study conducted at LogicaCMG. We report on setting up a requirements management system in an outsourcing context and its application in real-life. The experience results in several lessons learned, questions to be answered in the future on how to(More)
In this paper, we discuss experiences gained during evaluation of the maintainability of a reference architecture in use at Océ, one of the world's leading copier manufacturers. The evaluation is conducted using an approach based on SEI's Software Architecture Analysis Method (SAAM). The paper proposes a variant of SAAM that helps to reduce the(More)
The work reported here has been funded by the Delft University of Technology DIOC research programme. DIOC programmes are an initiative of the ARTD (" Advisory Council Technology T.U. Delft "), and aim at solving, in a multidisciplinary way, specific technological problems with engineering and social significance. Abstract Mobile systems operate in a(More)
This paper provides an overview of scientific and industrial developments of the last decade in the area of sensor networks in The Netherlands (Low Lands). The goal is to highlight areas in which the Netherlands has made most contributions and is currently a dominant player in the field of sensor networks. On the one hand, motivations, addressed topics, and(More)
Video streaming over wireless links is a non-trivial problem due to the large and frequent changes in the quality of the underlying radio channel combined with latency constraints. We believe that every layer in a mobile system must be prepared to adapt its behavior to its environment. Thus layers must be capable of operating in multiple modes; each mode(More)
BACKGROUND Telemedicine can alleviate the increasing demand for elderly care caused by the rapidly aging population. However, user adherence to technology in telemedicine interventions is low and decreases over time. Therefore, there is a need for methods to increase adherence, specifically of the elderly user. A strategy that has recently emerged to(More)
In this paper we present a systematic check of the conformance of the implemented and the intended software architecture. Nowadays industry is confronted with rapidly evolving embedded systems. In order to effectively reuse design artefacts such as requirements, architectural views and analysis, as well as the code base, it is important to have a consistent(More)