Hylke Jorritsma

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Declining fertility in dairy cows is frequently suggested to arise from the occurrence of a more negative energy balance and/or the concomitant increased accumulation of triacylglycerol in the liver. Therefore, we performed a field study to assess the clinical effects of postpartum fatty liver in dairy cows on fertility and reproductive disease. Data were(More)
In 1988 the collection of data on fertility and milk production was initiated by the veterinary practice in Oosterwolde in the context of a veterinary herd health programme. An automated management and production control programme, VAMPP, was used for this purpose. Although it is not possible to give the precise effect of veterinary herd health programmes(More)
Dairy herd health and production management programmes are being used increasingly more often, also in the Netherlands. However, little is known about the rationale behind the farmers' decision to participate or not to participate. This paper reports the results of a questionnaire survey among cattle practitioners about why they thought farmers did or did(More)
Sixteen dairy cows with chronic puerperal endometritis between 3 and 8 weeks post partum were treated with intra-uterine applied oxytetracycline (OTC) and lugol. OTC was rapidly removed from plasma and was not detectable after 48 hours. The concentration of OTC in milk did not exceed 40 micrograms/kg, and it was still detectable in milk 34 hours after(More)
In this paper the developments in the field of bovine herd health and production management are illustrated. The current use of herd health and production management methods in veterinary practices are illustrated, and a uniform concept for execution of herd health and production management programs is given. The expected future developments and the(More)
In addition to the continuous provision of veterinary care, another important aspect of a veterinarian's work is his or her advisory function in farm management. Too few veterinarians fulfil this function. This can only be done successfully if the dairy farmer and veterinarian solve a number of problems. An integrated management plan incorporation a(More)
Fatty liver disease usually occurs in periparturient dairy cows. However, this case study describes the occurrence of the disease in maiden heifers on a dairy farm during late gestation. It resulted in the death of 5 heifers (21-25 months of age) within 31 days after turning them out to grass. The diagnosis was confirmed by blood testing and gross pathology(More)
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