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A new generation of active 3D range sensors, such as time-of-flight cameras, enables recording of full-frame depth maps at video frame rate. Unfortunately , the captured data are typically starkly contaminated by noise and the sensors feature only a rather limited image resolution. We therefore present a pipeline to enhance the quality and increase the(More)
In distributed approaches to multiagent resource allocation, the agents belonging to a society negotiate deals in small groups at a local level, driven only by their own rational interests. We can then observe and study the effects such negotiation has at the societal level, for instance in terms of the economic efficiency of the emerging allocations. Such(More)
This paper presents a weakly supervised method that decomposes potentially compositional topics (Swiss passport) into zero or more constituent topics (Switzerland, Passport), where all topics are entries in a knowledge repository. The method increases the connectivity of the knowledge repository and, more importantly, identifies the constituent topics whose(More)
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