Hyke G. H. Tamminga

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BACKGROUND Animal studies have shown that methylphenidate (MPH) and fluoxetine (FLX) have different effects on dopaminergic and serotonergic system in the developing brain compared to the developed brain. The effects of Psychotropic drugs On the Developing brain (ePOD) study is a combination of different approaches to determine whether there are related(More)
OBJECTIVE The evaluation of discomfort in paediatric research is scarcely evidence-based. In this study, we make a start in describing children's self-reported discomfort during common medical research procedures and compare this with discomfort during dental check-ups which can be considered as a reference level of a 'minimal discomfort' medical procedure.(More)
In the present study, we investigate whether methylphenidate (MPH) affects emotional processing and whether this effect is modulated by age. We measured amygdala reactivity with functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) during processing of angry and fearful facial expressions in male stimulant treatment-naive patients with ADHD (N = 35 boys; N = 46 men)(More)
IMPORTANCE Although numerous children receive methylphenidate hydrochloride for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), little is known about age-dependent and possibly lasting effects of methylphenidate on the human dopaminergic system. OBJECTIVES To determine whether the effects of methylphenidate on the dopaminergic system are(More)
Er is in de afgelopen decennia uitgebreid onderzoek gedaan naar cognitieve problemen bij kinderen, maar ook naar cognitieve problemen bij volwassenen met de gedragsdiagnose ADHD. Het idee is dat de geobserveerde symptomen te relateren zijn aan executieve functieproblemen, delay-aversion, tijdverwerking en arousal. Dit betekent niet dat er een typisch(More)
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