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Programming mistakes frequently waste software developers’ time and may lead to the introduction of bugs into their software, causing serious risks for their customers. Using the correlation between various software process metrics and defects, earlier work has traditionally attempted to spot such bug risks. However, this study departs from previous works(More)
A smart class provides an environment that enables collaboration, sharing, and participation between teachers and students. Thanks to the great attention paid to the smart class idea, with a view to providing effective and efficient learning for students, many state-of-the-art technologies have been applied to the field of education. However, simple(More)
Recommender systems are needed in the educational environment, where different effects are observed depending on personal tendencies, and are currently applied to educational area with diverse methods. In particular, the recommender system is extremely useful in the non-formal learning environment in that it can provide differentiated learning courses(More)
As Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is rapidly evolved, educational paradigms have been changing. The ultimate goal of education with the aid of ICT is to provide customized training for learners to improve the effectiveness of their learning at anytime and anywhere. In the online learning environment where the Internet, mobile devices,(More)
User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is the first thing users come to interact when accessing internet services. However, UI/UX, which did not put users into consideration when designed, causes many inconveniences. In order to provide a customized UI/UX, the accurate analysis of users are important and must be optimized for users through continuous(More)
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