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Macronutrient composition of human milk from Korean mothers of full term infants born at 37-42 gestational weeks
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES Breast milk is the best available food for optimum growth and development of infants and the breastfeeding rate is increasing in Korea. The purpose of this study is to measureExpand
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Global Gene Expression Profiling Unveils S100A8/A9 as Candidate Markers in H-Ras-Mediated Human Breast Epithelial Cell Invasion
The goal of the present study is to unveil the gene expression profile specific to the biological processes of human breast epithelial cell invasion and migration using an MCF10A model geneticallyExpand
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Association between kimchi intake and asthma in Korean adults: the fourth and fifth Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2007-2011).
This study was performed to investigate the relationship between dietary factors and asthma in a representative population-based sample of 19,659 men and women, aged 19-64 years, using data from theExpand
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Association between intake of B vitamins and cognitive function in elderly Koreans with cognitive impairment
BackgroundIt is possible that blood B vitamins level and cognitive function may be affected by dietary intake of these vitamins, no study however has yet been conducted on relationships between BExpand
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Prenatal mercury exposure, fish intake and neurocognitive development during first three years of life: Prospective cohort mothers and Children's environmental health (MOCEH) study.
  • Yeni Kim, E. Ha, +7 authors B. Kim
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • The Science of the total environment
  • 15 February 2018
OBJECTIVES In this prospective cohort study, the effects of prenatal Hg exposure on neurocognitive development during the first 3years of life were investigated. METHODS The maternal blood levelsExpand
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Breast milk fatty acid composition and fatty acid intake of lactating mothers in South Korea.
The aim of this study was to determine the fatty acid (FA) composition of breast milk, and its association with mothers' FA intake. Milk samples were obtained from 238 healthy lactating women whoExpand
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Relationship of cognitive function with B vitamin status, homocysteine, and tissue factor pathway inhibitor in cognitively impaired elderly: a cross-sectional survey.
Elevated homocysteine (Hcy) levels have been associated with an increased risk of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease (AD). Tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI) has recently emerged as aExpand
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Blood cadmium concentrations of male cigarette smokers are inversely associated with fruit consumption.
Decreased fruit and vegetable consumption, along with elevated blood cadmium concentrations, are frequently observed among cigarette smokers. Few studies have investigated whether the blood cadmiumExpand
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Association between high sensitivity C-reactive protein and dietary intake in Vietnamese young women
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES High sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) is a strong independent predictor of future cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. We evaluated the relationship between hsCRP andExpand
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Birth weight of Korean infants is affected by the interaction of maternal iron intake and GSTM1 polymorphism.
Excessive iron consumption during pregnancy can lead to increased oxidative stress in the maternal body, which may result in adverse pregnancy outcomes. Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) originateExpand
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