Hyeoun-Dong Lee

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In this paper, the fuzzy logic based torque controller for a parallel hybrid electric vehicle is proposed. This controller is realized to satisfy the control objectives; improvement on the drive ability of the vehicle, battery charge balance and reduction of NO/sub x/ emission. To construct the proper rule bases of the proposed controller, the dynamo test(More)
In this study, the advanced gear shifting and clutching strategy for parallel hybrid electric vehicle with automated manual transmission (AMT) is proposed. The efficient gear shift point considering the fuel consumption of a diesel engine and the efficiency of induction machine can be determined by means of optimization technique, and automatic gear shift(More)
In recent years, having the advantages of being small, low in cost and high in efficiency, Half bridge (HB) LLC resonant converter for power density and high efficiency is increasingly required in the battery charge application. The HB LLC resonant converters have been used for reducing the current and voltage stress and switching losses of the components.(More)
Recently, according to Eco-technology accelerating, new types of traction motor with the high efficiency and power are demanded. This paper presents that the Hairpin winding is applied to a design of the electric vehicle traction motor for the high efficiency and power density. Generally, the winding method using the toroidal coil has the restriction which(More)
This paper dealt with design to improve power density of the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) for the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and to reduce mass of permanent magnet (PM). It can be achieved from guaranteeing Q-axis flux path which is related to the increase of reluctance torque and from increasing turns of stator winding from introducing(More)
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