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The possibility of open tubular capillary electrophoresis for clinical diagnostic use is examined. Capillary electrophoresis was performed in an untreated 50 microns (i.d.) x 100 cm (65 cm to detector) capillary with detection of absorbance at 200 nm. Conditions for the separation of serum proteins without adsorption to the capillary surface were(More)
The nature of the emergent phase near a putative quantum critical point in the bilayer ruthenate Sr3Ru2O7 has been a recent subject of intensive research. It has been suggested that this phase may possess electronic nematic order (ENO). In this work, we investigate the possibility of nematic domain formation in the emergent phase, using a phenomenological(More)
abstract Using the Hubbard model Hamiltonian in a mean field level, we examine the variation of antiferromagnetic strength with applied magnetic field. It is demonstrated that minima in the antiferromagnetic strength exist at the the even integer denominator values of rational number for magnetic flux per plaquette. The un-dulatory behavior of(More)
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