Hyeoni Bae

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Microrobots developed by the technological advances are useful for application in various fields. Nevertheless, they have limitations with respect to their actuator and motility. Our experiments aim to determine whether a bioactuator using the flagellated bacteria Serratia marcescens would enhance the motility of microrobots. In this study, we investigate(More)
We proposed a new bacteria patterning method on the restricted region of microbeads, using the submerged property of polystyrene microbeads on various concentrations of agarose gel. Moreover, we fabricated a bacterial microrobot using attenuated Salmonella typhimurium through the new patterning methods. We controlled the submerged degree of polystyrene(More)
In this study, we investigated that flagellated bacteria Serratia marcescens had been utilized as actuators for SU-8 microstructures through the bovine serum albumin-selective patterning. Firstly, we analyzed the adherence of the bacteria to SU-8 microstructure through the selective patterning using 5% BSA. As a result, the number of attached bacteria in 5(More)
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