Hyeongsik Kang

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  • Adeel Z, Bullock A Chaudry, Kuylenstierna J, Qadir M, Schuster-Wallace C J, Weitz N +26 others
  • 2014
framing water within the post 2015 development agenda: options and Considerations united nations university — institute for water, environment and health Hamilton, Canada united nations office for sustainable development Incheon, Republic of Korea prepared by in Collaboration with stockholm environment institute Stockholm, Sweden
The main objective of this study was to investigate ecologically healthy regions near a dam reservoir. This study developed a model for assessing habitat suitability as a proxy for the ecological value of reservoirs. Three main factors comprising nine assessment variables were selected and classified as having a habitat suitability (HS) between 0 and 1: (1)(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop a model for assessing the ecological value of a dam reservoir. Various evaluable characteristics (“elements”) that influence the ecology of the target area around the dam were grouped into three classes: (1) physical elements, such as altitude, slope, and aspect; (2) vegetation elements, such as forest physiognomy,(More)
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