Hyeongchul Oh

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This paper presents a frame interpolation algorithm using the motion information of some object within the estimated blocks. The proposed algorithm uses two initial frames that are generated based on the backward and forward frames using the motion vectors. In this process, the occlusion regions are occurred in two initial frames since the optimal block is(More)
This paper presents a frame rate-up conversion algorithm utilizing two frame interpolation methods and adaptive threshold to generate the four initial frames. The first frame interpolation method interpolates the block using the block co-located in the reference frame. The second frame interpolation method interpolates the block using the half value of the(More)
We propose an adaptive motion compensated frame interpolation scheme which is capable of developing a frame rate from a lower number into a higher number and a decoded video quality at the decoder. The proposed algorithm utilizes the preliminary frames of the forward and backward directions using bilateral prediction. In the processing of the preliminary(More)
H.264/AVC is the newest one among several video compression standards. The main goals of H.264/AVC are to achieve efficient compression performance and a network friendly video coding. However, if an error occurs when transmitting compressed video, error concealment is needed to prevent error propagation and to improve the video quality. In this paper, we(More)
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