Hyeong-Ju Kwon

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Focal CpG island hypermethylation and diffuse genomic hypomethylation signify the changes in the DNA methylation status in cancer cells. ALU and LINE-1 repetitive DNA elements comprise ~28% of the human genome. PCR-based measurements of these repetitive DNA elements can be used as a surrogate marker of the genomewide methylation content. Our study aimed to(More)
Biliary intraepithelial neoplasia (BilIN) is the premalignant lesion of extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (EHC), and there are no published data regarding epigenetic changes throughout disease progression from normal biliary epithelia to BilIN to EHC. The objective of this study was to identify the occurrence of CpG island hypermethylation and repetitive DNA(More)
Ex-adenoma carcinoma (EAC) is a carcinoma with contiguous adenoma element in its vicinity which provides a morphological evidence for adenoma–carcinoma sequence. During multistep colorectal carcinogenesis, promoter CpG island hypermethylation has been known to increase in a stepwise manner whereas diffuse genomic hypomethylation has been known to be an(More)
Gastric carcinoma (GC) is one of the human cancers in which promoter CpG island hypermethylation is frequently found. CpG island methylator phenotype (CIMP) refers to a subset of GCs which harbor concordant methylation of multiple promoter CpG island loci. However, little is known regarding clinicopathological features of CIMP-positive (CIMP-high) GC. Our(More)
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