Hyeong Jin Jeon

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This paper challenges the production of the protein nanoparticles using the conjugation of Ni2+ complexed nitrilotriacetic acid end-functionalized polystyrene (Ni-NTA-PS) and histidine tagged GFP (His-GFP) hybrid. The microfluidic synthesis of the protein nanoparticle with the advantages of a uniform size, a fast reaction, and a precise control of(More)
A motor rehabilitation robot applied patient's intention can enhance the rehabilitation efficacy. Continuous hidden Markov models of knee flexion and extension are trained using autoregressive model coefficients of knee flexor and extensor electromyograms. The patient's intention of knee movement are recognized by the trained continuous hidden Markov models(More)
This paper presents a practical flow-through method to separate anisole and ethyl phenylacetate, respectively, from a polystyrene mixture. The microfluidic separation uses different diffusive dynamics of the substances transverse to the lamination flow formed in a microchannel. The effect of inlet flow rates and ambient temperature on separation is(More)
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