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This paper considers autonomous onboard hovering flight control of a micro quadrotor using a strapdown optical flow sensor which is conventionally used for desktop mice. The vehicle considered in this paper can carry only a few dozen grams of payload, therefore conventional camera-based optical flow methods are not applicable. We present autonomous hovering(More)
This paper presents planning and control of multiple aerial manipulators for cooperative transportation. Individual aerial manipulators which consist of a hexacopter and 2-DOF robotic arm are controlled by an augmented adaptive sliding mode controller based on a closed-chain robot dynamics. The desired path for each aerial manipulator is obtained by using(More)
This paper presents robust control for a quadrotor using TS (Takagi-Sugeno) fuzzy model and an LMI (Linear Matrix Inequality) approach. TS fuzzy model can provide an effective representation of nonlinear systems with a set of local linear models. We present TS fuzzy model for the quarotor which is composed of local linear models valid in different operation(More)
This paper presents a motion planning approach for cooperative transportation using aerial robots. We describe a framework based on Parametric Dynamic Movement Primitives (PDMPs) for coordinating multiple aerial robots and their manipulators quickly in an environment cluttered with obstacles. In order to emulate the optimal motion, we combine PDMPs and(More)
This paper presents vision-based lifting of a payload using two quadrotor UAVs. It is assumed that the exact position of a payload is not available. Specifically, for multiple UAVs to approach and connect the correct spots on the payload, image-based visual servo (IBVS) is adopted. A sliding mode controller is designed to track reference positions and(More)
This paper presents an estimation and control algorithm for an aerial manipulator using a hexacopter with a 2-DOF robotic arm. The unknown parameters of a payload are estimated by an on-line estimator based on parametrization of the aerial manipulator dynamics. With the estimated mass information and the augmented passivity-based controller, the aerial(More)
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