Hyeon Sik Jung

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BACKGROUND/AIMS Halitosis is a symptom that bothers patients more socially than medically and its pathogenic mechanisms are unclear and treatment armamenterium is limited. Clinicians generally ignored active interventions. Since halitosis is closely associated with volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), we used a Halimeter and gas chromatography to measure VSCs(More)
As much as that a disturbance of tissue homeostasis through dysregulated apoptosis is generally associated with carcinogenesis, gastric carcinogenesis after Helicobacter pylori infection could be the accumulated consequence of imbalances between apoptosis and proliferation. Since sonic hedgehog (Shh) has been reported to play versatile roles in various(More)
BACKGROUND Gas chromatographic documentation of volatile sulfur compounds in Helicobacter pylori cultures and the amelioration of halitosis after eradication suggested a causal link between H. pylori infection and halitosis. AIM We hypothesized that Korea red ginseng can relieve H. pylori-associated halitosis based on their anti-inflammatory and(More)
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