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Dynamic viscoelasticity measurements are required in many studies on biological fluids and they can be performed by determining the corresponding strain when a sinusoidal shear stress is applied to a sample. In several circumstances the amount of fluid that can be obtained for analysis in physiological conditions does not exceed microliters. In this(More)
Adaptive populations such as those in financial markets and distributed control can be modeled by the Minority Game. We consider how their dynamics depends on the agents' initial preferences of strategies, when the agents use linear or quadratic payoff functions to evaluate their strategies. We find that the fluctuations of the population making certain(More)
A positioning system with long stroke and high precision by dual-stage control was designed. The focus was on combining the long-stroke travel range of linear stage with high-precision characteristics of piezoelectric actuators. The control method used in the system was dynamic compensation type, where the error from linear stage becomes the input to the(More)
In the electricity market with user side opening, utilizing aggregated electric loads as system resources has several benefits. Electric water heaters can participate in power dispatch, such as peak-load and frequency adjustment. By the centralized control of large electric water heater, users can offer bidding strategies to get more profits. Assuming that(More)
In Korea, the current water resources will fall short by 2.6 billion tons to meet the 38 billion ton water demand in the year 2020. To overcome the future water shortage, it is desirable to minimize water consumption and to reuse treated wastewater. There are a total of 99 on-site water-recycling systems in the country. The potential capacity of the 99(More)
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