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Actinomycosis is a chronic suppurative and granulomatous disease characterized histologically by sulfur granules with extensive necrosis, fibrosis and sinus formation. Depending on the site of primary infection, actinomycosis is generally classified as cervicofacial, thoracic and abdominal type. The liver is known to be the primary site of infection in 15%(More)
After skin grafting, to prevent hematoma or seroma collection at the graft site, a tie-over dressing has been commonly used. However, although the conventional tie-over dressing by suture is a useful method for securing a graft site, refixation is difficult when repeated tie-over dressing is needed. Therefore, we recommend a redoable tie-over dressing(More)
Squamous cell carcinoma infrequently occurs at the soft palate. Although various methods can be used for reconstruction of soft palate defects that occur after resecting squamous cell carcinoma, it is difficult to obtain satisfactory results from the perspective of the functional restoration of the soft palate. A combination of bilateral palatal(More)
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