Hyeon-Cheol Lee

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Dietary arachidonic acid (AA) has roles in growth, neuronal development, and cognitive function in infants. AA is remarkably enriched in phosphatidylinositol (PI), an important constituent of biological membranes in mammals; however, the physiological significance of AA-containing PI remains unknown. In an RNA interference-based genetic screen using(More)
There will come someday when UAVs can fly into the airspace of manned aircraft in the near future because of the increasing number of operational UAVs together with technologies development. Since pilots of UAVs are on the ground, the equipment for sensing and avoiding obstacles in front is indispensable. In this paper, the TCAS II, a collision avoidance(More)
BACKGROUND Airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) to direct stimuli, such as methacholine (MCh), is observed not only in asthma but other diseases. AHR to indirect stimuli is suggested to be more specific for asthma. The purpose of this study was to determine whether asthmatic airway inflammation is more closely related to AHR to hypertonic saline (HS), an(More)
A SAR payload in Satellite transmits a ground station its SAR raw data by wireless datalink for post-processing, then the efforts of reducing its SAR raw data have been studied much. Vector Quantization (VQ) among these efforts is used much with block adaptive quantization. Due to heavy data search load of Vector Quantization between codebook and image(More)
BACKGROUND Rational engineering studies for deoxycytidine production were initiated due to low intracellular levels and tight regulation. To achieve high-level production of deoxycytidine, a useful precursor of decitabine, genes related to feed-back inhibition as well as the biosynthetic pathway were engineered. Additionally, we predicted the impact of(More)
The bacterial twin-arginine translocation (Tat) pathway is well known to translocate correctly folded monomeric and dimeric proteins across the tightly sealed cytoplasmic membrane. We identified a naturally occurring heterotrimer, the Escherichia coli aldehyde oxidoreductase PaoABC, that is co-translocated by the Tat translocase according to a ternary(More)
This paper describes a system for a new altitude measurement method, using three circular marks on the landing location for a Vertical Take-Off/Landing (VTOL) aircraft without an altimeter. This system costs less than a radar altimeter, yet it is more accurate than a pressure altimeter at low altitude and simpler than the Carrier Phase Differential Global(More)
Description herein is a system for simple distance measurement between an aircraft and circular mark in landing runway. The system includes an altimeter and a camera installed on the aircraft, and a circular mark placed on a landing runway. The camera on the aircraft must be oriented toward in front of the aircraft, and configured to detect the shape of the(More)