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The purpose of this study was to develop a process management system to manage ingot fabrication and improve ingot quality. The ingot is the first manufactured material of wafers. Trace parameters were collected on-line but measurement parameters were measured by sampling inspection. The quality parameters were applied to evaluate the quality. Therefore,(More)
This study describes techniques for the cascade modeling and the optimization that are required to conduct the simulator-based process optimization of solar cell fabrication. Two modeling approaches, neural networks and genetic programming, are employed to model the crucial relation for the consecutively connected two processes in solar cell fabrication.(More)
Several types of detector, such as ultraviolet, infrared, visible light, differential pressure, flame rod, and others, are employed to detect fire flame in power generation plants. However, these flame detectors have some performance problems. This article describes the image-processing method of fire detection as well as neural network modeling. Nowadays,(More)
This paper presents a diagnosis technique to detect and identify faults in AC servo motors. The first phase of stator currents among three phases is digitized and stored in the time domain. Wavelet transform is employed to convert the signals onto time-frequency domain because the time domain based approach is not suitable for detecting state features of(More)