Hyeokjae Kwon

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In this paper we introduce the 3D graphic animation program for simulating the 5 DOF(degree of freedom) motion of golf ball in putting green. We also derive and introduce the dynamics of golf ball and find special physical property which should exist between the friction mechanism of rotational motion and that of translational motion. We choose the Samsung(More)
In this paper, we implemented the 3D simulator for golf putting green by using the Simulink data of golf ball motion with OpenGL. A golf putting green surface formula is approximated using polynomial equations. In the 3D simulator, golf ball and other objects are designed in 3ds Max software. For a communication between 3D simulator and Matlab Simulink(More)
In this paper, we present a sliding mode control for the radio controlled helicopter based on quaternion dynamics. We also introduce the kinematics of the rotating object based on quaternion and then propose a robust sliding mode control algorithm which can guarantee the over all stability of the whole system. We will show the simulation results by using(More)
Modern agricultural machinery demands adoption of embedded electronic and remote sensing technology for precision agriculture. One of the electronic devices commonly used is the virtual terminal (VT) for tractors. A VT’s functions and terminology are described in the ISO 11783 standard. This paper presents a control system design and implementation for a VT(More)
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