Hyeok Jang

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Recently, a lot of research on the use of big data is made, and this paper was aimed to perform classification experiments using CNN for the detected object collected from traffic detectors. In addition the experimental results were compared with the HOG descriptor that is commonly used in existing pedestrian and object classification and wavelet, texture(More)
Studying gene expression profile in a single cancer cell is important because multiple genes are associated with cancer development. Quantum dots (QDs) have been utilized as biological probes for imaging and detection. QDs display specific optical and electrical properties that depend on their size that can be applied for imaging and sensing applications.(More)
In this paper, we propose a method to detect the state of the road surface condition using wavelet and SVM(Support Vector Machine) classifier. The Road surface conditions are classified into a set of pattern states such as dry, wet, snow, ice. This approach automatically analyze road surface condition change using image processing, and does not require(More)
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