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BACKGROUND Viola yedoensis (VY, Violaceae) is a popular medicinal herb used in traditional eastern medicine for treating lots of diseases, including inflammation and its related symptoms. However, the anti-inflammatory properties of VY have not been demonstrated. In the present study, we investigated the anti-inflammatory effects of VY ethanol extract (VYE)(More)
The phytochemical investigation of the roots of Rhus trichocarpa led to this isolation of five new alkyl phloroglucinol derivatives, characterized as (Z)-15-hydroxy-1-(2,4,6-trihydroxyphenyl)-9-octadecen-1-one (named trichocarpol A, 1), (Z)-15-hydroxy-1-(2,6-dihydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-9-octadecen-1-one (named trichocarpol B, 2),(More)
Response surface methodology (RSM) using a Box-Behnken design was used to optimize the extraction conditions for obtaining pancreatic lipase inhibitory and antioxidant principles from Ilex paraguariensis leaves. Three influencing factors: extraction time (min), the liquid-solid ratio, and ethanol concentration (%, v/v) were investigated in the ultrasonic(More)
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