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— There is a growing interest in applying agile practices in Global Software Development (GSD) projects. The literature on using Scrum, one of the most popular agile approaches, in distributed development projects has steadily been growing. However, there has not been any effort to systematically select, review, and synthesize the literature on this topic.(More)
Mashup is a new application development approach that allows users to aggregate multiple services to create a service for a new purpose. Even if the Mashup approach opens new and broader opportunities for data/service consumers, the development process still requires the users to know not only how to write code using programming languages, but also how to(More)
—The need for integration of all types of client and server applications that were not initially designed to interoperate is gaining popularity. One of the reasons for this popularity is the capability to quickly reconfigure a composite application for a task at hand, both by changing the set of components and the way they are interconnected. Service(More)
Le développement et la croissance des technologies liées à l'Internet ont un impact considérable sur la manière dont les entreprises interagissent avec leur partenaires et avec leurs clients. Cette évolution des technologies a induit de nouvelles possibilités dans l'automatisation des collaborations de type " Business-To-Business " (B2B). La construction de(More)
Given that e-catalogs are often autonomous and heterogeneous, effectively integrating and querying them is a delicate and time-consuming task. More importantly, the number of e-catalogs to be integrated and queried may be large and continuously changing. Conventional approaches where the development of an integrated e-catalog requires the understanding of(More)
— There is growing interest in applying agile practices in Global Software Development (GSD) projects. But project stakeholder distribution in GSD creates a number of challenges that make it difficult to use some agile practices. Moreover, little is known about what the key challenges or risks are, and how GSD project mangers deal with these risks while(More)
The connectivity generated by the Internet is opening unprecedented opportunities of automating business-to-business collaborations. As a result, organisations of all sizes are forming online alliances in order to deliver integrated value-added services. Unfortunately, due to a lack of tools and methodologies offering an adequate level of abstraction , the(More)
An increasing number of organisations are jumping hastily onto the on-line retailing bandwagon and moving their operations to the Web. A huge quantity of e-catalogs (i.e., information and product portals) is now readily available. Unfortunately, given that e-catalogs are often autonomous and heterogeneous , effectively integrating and querying them is a(More)
Since e-catalogs are dynamic, autonomous, and heterogeneous, the integration of a potentially large number of dynamic e-catalogs is a delicate and time-consuming task. In this paper, we describe the design and the implementation of a system through which existing on-line product catalogs can be integrated, and the resulting integrated catalogs can be(More)
Whilst Web services can be composed by technical developers using a language such as BPEL, there is no easy way for non-technical end users to take advantage of these services. The advent of Web 2.0 and mashups has brought about the notion that content from different sources can be brought together by the user themselves to create a new service. Inspired by(More)